Monday, December 27, 2010

My Nook

I received a NOOKcolor for Christmas with much joy! And have already piled 2 reading lists (primarily geisha material) in my B&N Nook library.

Fictional (there are 2 non-japanese books, disregard those unless you share the same morbid humor as me)

some titles include


To just name a few =)

there is a free geisha book (actually 2 one is in german) and it look sREALLY cool touching in districts away from kyoto. I'm gonna read it, make notes and report it to the IG forums and HERE!

I hope ya'll benefit from this.


Monday, December 13, 2010


Have you ever had a hat you just loved? I DO!

The Goatgiraffe - I wanted to ride on it

Licking it, makes it mine
Holidayized! blinking christmas lights on the horns!

I just love this hat!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas craft time!

I made 2 wreaths this year from left over tree clippings from a Christmas tree tent.

metal ring ~$2.99 rip ties ~ $1.99

Having a REAL wreath in your home = AWESOME!

I was thinking of venturing out and making handmade wreaths to sell at these tents (giving them like a 10% profit from it) How much would one spend on a handmade, real tree wreath? $25 maybe?

It takes an relatively an hour to make one. hmmmm...I'm gonna have to crunch numbers.

Here's a So-So pic of one not decorated.

This one is my Mom's, she loves wreaths!
And I made one for my boyfriend's and his mom's house. They smell wonderful!

It's great if your family only have a plastic tree and want that smell ^^

All decorated!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The purple Kimono came in!!!

This is one different from my others. It has tucks at the shoulders, the arms holes are smaller and the hand holes. Its shorter on my body too. making me think this was meant for a much younger girl then me......BUT I DONT CARE ITS GORGEOUS!

Like I posted earlier, I was gonna team it up with my taisho-esque obi. and in my opinion it works!

I have a pink haneri hiding somewhere that I will add to this.

And there's a slight sexy subtle aspect about this kimono. the 'white' leaves in the wisteria is actually pink only by the red of the lining showing through the transparentness of it. whoever thought of that was a genius!

having a pattern on my deriere seems a little risque

Obi is a bit crumpled, I smoothed it after I took this shot

You can see a smidgen of a tuck on my shoulder

the haori I chose to wear to calm it down

One more shot, with a better view of the tuck
The yellow leaves is actually gold foil, and the obi has golden embroidery on it at the outline of the fern? (i think it's a fern plant)

I just love this!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


 New Computer up and running! I'm getting the last of drivers installed. Whew! sound again too.

I was using a comp that didn't have it. =(

also kimono purchase updates!

Cute sparrow tabi ^^

Beautiful, its just gorgeous in person

Just as gorgeous as the first piece. I'm thinking of teaming these up

Long wine colored haori, waiting to put together the right ensemble
Taisho looking obi
taisho looking kimono. Im thinking of teaming the above obi to this

pretty pink, for my more somber outfits
Rain geta. you can't tell from this angle, but the Ha* is higher
Kiri wood geta!

My brick kimono

Has a strange lining

and my wedding kimono Kakeshita
Has the exact pattern I need for a cosplay I wanna do.

Oren Oshii, the cosplay I wish to attempt

You can see on her collar the pattern I'm after

She has cute freckles ^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Lorenzo !

Since I posted one recipe, I'll post another.

The Lorenzo copyrighted to Christina King

This drink is sooooo good.


1 Cup you're gonna enjoy the drink out of
1 Bottle of Sprite (or club soda if you prefer though the sprite adds the right sweetness)
1 oz of Vanilla syrup (found in supermarket in the coffee or tea aisle)
2-3 oz of Blackberry syrup (or blackberry puree)
Ice (if desired)

1. Add syrups to cup
2. Pour in some sprite, stir
3. Pour rest of sprite
4. Add ice if desired
5. ENJOY!!!

REALLY simple!! But delicious!

This drink was inspired by Larry's (my friend) taste. Unfortunately no where in New Jersey makes it for him.
I say if you can make it in New Jersey give me a holla, and I'll tell him.

Ingredients from Amazon:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caramel Apple Turtle. in a cup!!!

Thats right, I was sooooo craving a caramel apple turtle that i created one into a drink,

ok here's your recipe. (you can find syrups in places like a world market, or hopefully down the coffee and tea aisle of a respectable supermarket. if no apple flavor syrup available replace with apple cider)

For Chocolate I was using Ghirardelli sauce.

Caramel Apple Turtle copyrighted to Christina King (I feel funny using the turtle word though)


1 Pot
2 Cups of any size. One being the one you'd like to enjoy
(i'm running off of a 12 oz cup for portion comparisons)
0.7 oz of Apple syrup
0.4 oz of Milk Chocolate
0.4 oz of Caramel
0.4 oz of White Chocolate
Whipped cream
Milk of preference to fill cup.


1. In the seperate cup from the desired drinking cup add ingredients EXCEPT THE MILK AND WHIPPED CREAM.
2. Warm milk up on a stove in a pot, Do not let it come to a boil. *for a bit of froth whip, whip with a whisk as it warms up
3.With a spoon, hold back any froth as you pour some of the milk into the cup with the ingredients and stir with spoon till all ingredients are mixed together smoothly.
4. Add rest of milk to ingredient cup
5. Fill bottom part of cup with whipped cream (yea thats right)
6. Pour the milk mixture into final cup over the whipped cream.
7. Enjoy =)

*If its too sweet towards the end just add more warm milk
*Froth = fluffy milk you find on top of latte's and cappuccino's. Acts as a heat insulator and barista's tend to hold little competitions making the thickest froth, winner is determined by how many quarters can be balanced on top. And bragging is done in currency. "I put $1.75 on my last try"

Ingredients available from Amazon: (exact ones I use)


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Art Walk cancelled

YEP! instead me and my father are going car shopping. So in hopes of taming the masses (the whole 2 of you) I give you pics of my new wig ^^

I have to admit, I feel a little Jack White'ish in this.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Playing Dress Up!

Have you ever played dress up as a kid? I tried to use my mom's lipstick and be The Joker. But I always did it in the middle of dinner. I'd excuse myself, use the restroom, then dive bomb my mom's lipstick.

Also when Evita came out, I'd pretend I was her. Mom's lipstick and all, and try to sing 'Don't cry for me Argentina.' needless to say it was ALWAYS a total disaster. (secretly, I thought I nailed it...I still do)

SO! in light of hearing I might be attending an Art Walk with my boyfriend and her mother this Saturday, I ran to my room to figure out a nice outfit for a slightly chilly day. Well is suppose to be anyway. So I present you with this!

(Please excuse no makeup or even a hairdo for that matter)

I must say i LOVE LOVE LOVE long haori's. now to copy the pattern, get plain fabric and paint on books 

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Recent buys

So as I'm digging through the discount DVD bin my company has in the store I see this!

My question is... Is it a good watch? Does it show older chinese scenery? (which is what I really want)

Any recommendations that are not over $10 of good asian movies? I prefer geisha, gisaeng, and singsong girls. (you know things about women drama, and the internal comflict)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vamped up and ready

Hello all! I'm gonna start this out with a photo from halloween

This is my hikizuri, and hikidonouki. with $1 makeup from Walgreens.

15 min kitsuke, didnt turn out half bad, wasn't that great either.

But I had FUN!!! 8 hours in this get up. WOO