Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas craft time!

I made 2 wreaths this year from left over tree clippings from a Christmas tree tent.

metal ring ~$2.99 rip ties ~ $1.99

Having a REAL wreath in your home = AWESOME!

I was thinking of venturing out and making handmade wreaths to sell at these tents (giving them like a 10% profit from it) How much would one spend on a handmade, real tree wreath? $25 maybe?

It takes an relatively an hour to make one. hmmmm...I'm gonna have to crunch numbers.

Here's a So-So pic of one not decorated.

This one is my Mom's, she loves wreaths!
And I made one for my boyfriend's and his mom's house. They smell wonderful!

It's great if your family only have a plastic tree and want that smell ^^

All decorated!

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