Thursday, November 18, 2010


 New Computer up and running! I'm getting the last of drivers installed. Whew! sound again too.

I was using a comp that didn't have it. =(

also kimono purchase updates!

Cute sparrow tabi ^^

Beautiful, its just gorgeous in person

Just as gorgeous as the first piece. I'm thinking of teaming these up

Long wine colored haori, waiting to put together the right ensemble
Taisho looking obi
taisho looking kimono. Im thinking of teaming the above obi to this

pretty pink, for my more somber outfits
Rain geta. you can't tell from this angle, but the Ha* is higher
Kiri wood geta!

My brick kimono

Has a strange lining

and my wedding kimono Kakeshita
Has the exact pattern I need for a cosplay I wanna do.

Oren Oshii, the cosplay I wish to attempt

You can see on her collar the pattern I'm after

She has cute freckles ^^

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