Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Lorenzo !

Since I posted one recipe, I'll post another.

The Lorenzo copyrighted to Christina King

This drink is sooooo good.


1 Cup you're gonna enjoy the drink out of
1 Bottle of Sprite (or club soda if you prefer though the sprite adds the right sweetness)
1 oz of Vanilla syrup (found in supermarket in the coffee or tea aisle)
2-3 oz of Blackberry syrup (or blackberry puree)
Ice (if desired)

1. Add syrups to cup
2. Pour in some sprite, stir
3. Pour rest of sprite
4. Add ice if desired
5. ENJOY!!!

REALLY simple!! But delicious!

This drink was inspired by Larry's (my friend) taste. Unfortunately no where in New Jersey makes it for him.
I say if you can make it in New Jersey give me a holla, and I'll tell him.

Ingredients from Amazon:

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