Friday, November 05, 2010

Playing Dress Up!

Have you ever played dress up as a kid? I tried to use my mom's lipstick and be The Joker. But I always did it in the middle of dinner. I'd excuse myself, use the restroom, then dive bomb my mom's lipstick.

Also when Evita came out, I'd pretend I was her. Mom's lipstick and all, and try to sing 'Don't cry for me Argentina.' needless to say it was ALWAYS a total disaster. (secretly, I thought I nailed it...I still do)

SO! in light of hearing I might be attending an Art Walk with my boyfriend and her mother this Saturday, I ran to my room to figure out a nice outfit for a slightly chilly day. Well is suppose to be anyway. So I present you with this!

(Please excuse no makeup or even a hairdo for that matter)

I must say i LOVE LOVE LOVE long haori's. now to copy the pattern, get plain fabric and paint on books 

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