Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caramel Apple Turtle. in a cup!!!

Thats right, I was sooooo craving a caramel apple turtle that i created one into a drink,

ok here's your recipe. (you can find syrups in places like a world market, or hopefully down the coffee and tea aisle of a respectable supermarket. if no apple flavor syrup available replace with apple cider)

For Chocolate I was using Ghirardelli sauce.

Caramel Apple Turtle copyrighted to Christina King (I feel funny using the turtle word though)


1 Pot
2 Cups of any size. One being the one you'd like to enjoy
(i'm running off of a 12 oz cup for portion comparisons)
0.7 oz of Apple syrup
0.4 oz of Milk Chocolate
0.4 oz of Caramel
0.4 oz of White Chocolate
Whipped cream
Milk of preference to fill cup.


1. In the seperate cup from the desired drinking cup add ingredients EXCEPT THE MILK AND WHIPPED CREAM.
2. Warm milk up on a stove in a pot, Do not let it come to a boil. *for a bit of froth whip, whip with a whisk as it warms up
3.With a spoon, hold back any froth as you pour some of the milk into the cup with the ingredients and stir with spoon till all ingredients are mixed together smoothly.
4. Add rest of milk to ingredient cup
5. Fill bottom part of cup with whipped cream (yea thats right)
6. Pour the milk mixture into final cup over the whipped cream.
7. Enjoy =)

*If its too sweet towards the end just add more warm milk
*Froth = fluffy milk you find on top of latte's and cappuccino's. Acts as a heat insulator and barista's tend to hold little competitions making the thickest froth, winner is determined by how many quarters can be balanced on top. And bragging is done in currency. "I put $1.75 on my last try"

Ingredients available from Amazon: (exact ones I use)


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