Saturday, December 04, 2010

The purple Kimono came in!!!

This is one different from my others. It has tucks at the shoulders, the arms holes are smaller and the hand holes. Its shorter on my body too. making me think this was meant for a much younger girl then me......BUT I DONT CARE ITS GORGEOUS!

Like I posted earlier, I was gonna team it up with my taisho-esque obi. and in my opinion it works!

I have a pink haneri hiding somewhere that I will add to this.

And there's a slight sexy subtle aspect about this kimono. the 'white' leaves in the wisteria is actually pink only by the red of the lining showing through the transparentness of it. whoever thought of that was a genius!

having a pattern on my deriere seems a little risque

Obi is a bit crumpled, I smoothed it after I took this shot

You can see a smidgen of a tuck on my shoulder

the haori I chose to wear to calm it down

One more shot, with a better view of the tuck
The yellow leaves is actually gold foil, and the obi has golden embroidery on it at the outline of the fern? (i think it's a fern plant)

I just love this!


  1. I already saw it at the IG-Forum!
    The obi is really perfect for this kimono.
    And I love purple kimono items ♥

  2. i just love it! you are very beautiful,and your kitsuke is perfect ^^