Saturday, August 04, 2012

A Dwarf's Thoughts: Ewokian Love Poem, My Boyfriend wrote this for me.

A Dwarf's Thoughts: Ewokian Love Poem: This.. is for that certain someone who knows me at my most embarrassing dorky moments. Taken from the Epic Saga of Star Wars, all homage to ...

Arandee, weechu tyethgeethin
Akeeata bont azar       
Tyatatee, X'iutha                
Yeek, Tal zeekee a uuta                                 
 Yun yim di goot                    
Noot, Nub reh rehluu
Kee x'ekra weechu
Nude lurd jeejee
Weechu jeejee ys oodeef
Yun yum, chak
Kee, Nub eshtee
A daboolhat, lang ekla
Nime nee gyesh, y nu sheeu
Nub nuv weechu
Eee reh rehluuu, lungee drik luka            
Listen, you stranger
Hear great magic
Come, is important
Look, sun safe in sky
It is very good
Now, I would dance
Wishes to guard you
I am a silly face
Your face is sweet
I like it, yes
Wishes, I would give
To change, think big   
Take me please, and my name   
I would love you 
We dance, lost in happy stars