Friday, November 18, 2011

Kimono dressing

I'm posting a video on kimono dressing in this post.

They have an obi clip (I don't have, I just slighlty knot the obi to make the ridge) and an extra cord I don't use either. But the do something I don't see often in vids. Adjusting the juban after it's fully done. (something I do)

Here's the video it's in english. I'm also going to provide the link to the wonderful ladies as they are from a store in Japan.

6 Minute Kimono dressing

Very helpful in seeing these tools being used and also to show that your ohashori doesn't have to be super perfect everytime. 

enjoy ^^


  1. I'm so glad you posted this video; my obi clip arrived this week and I've been hoping to find a video for a little enlightenment on the easiest way to use it. It's also encouraging to see someone else using the same type of obi-ita I have ^o^

    Hopefully it's going to make kitsuke much easier - by the time I get to tying the obi, I'm so so hot and bothered any extra aid is an absolute godsend, LOL! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video! :)

  2. Hot and bothered =)

    I've gotten to where my dressing is very quick, effective, and minimal strings. I dont have these tools as they're not easy to find/tend to be pricey. So I skip and learn how they utilize them to better my kitsuke by other means.

    Thank you so much for posting Laura. I appreciate it!