Friday, October 14, 2011

Obi box of doom: orange/white odori kimono

So the massively huge obi box of doom arrive from Naomi. And boy was it heavy

And from it is going to be many posts of the almost perfect pairings!

Starting with my Odori kimono that got paired with a orange and white waterwave obi

This kimono is very plasticy, polyester, obviously an  odori kimono

I love how the waves line up with the hem and obi

The back, Obi is beautiful! 
I'm so happy I won this! and my many others. Soon they will all be photographed and cleaned up and ready to be worn ^^

expect more blogimations soon


  1. WOW! Sometimes I feel matchy matchy moo is a big no no....but THIS IS PERFECT! It looks gorgeous, and I especially like that the back of the kimono, there are no real wave details - so the obi carries that over.

  2. matchy matchy moo. I'm taking that!

  3. A perfect combination, so pretty!