Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Auctions for Japan Relief

A friend of mine deemed as Immortal Geisha from the IG forums I frequent honestly way too much, has set up auctions of authentic real bean Japanese Kimono + whole matching set of retro/vintage under things required for proper kimono.

Best part is! It's entirely going to Japans support. The service she's using takes a chunk of the auction (roughly 20%) for there own costs, but whatever it wins for she'll take from her own pocket to pay that exta fee, to be sure it's a 100% donation. Talk about action!!

Here is a link To her Ebay store page where you can glance at them all in one go.

This guy I have my eye on, swirls with 2 huge rose appliques
With a nice vintage feeling obi.

This beautiful wool kimono (very comfy) is paired with a
red/white hakata hanhaba (half width) Obi

This is a kimono + obi (belt) auction put together.
Kimono is a soft black/white kind of gate style, with a pure white hakata obi.
BEAUTIFUL furisode or long sleeved kimono.
Water pattern and maple and plum makes this a very elegant piece.

Very retro feel with these. you hardly see them in these designs
A matching set of momiji or Maple!!!! beautiful
To have that RED and WHITE red cross flair.
 The pattern is Karako, or chinese children. I good luck motif

I say to all of you, help where you can, if you don't want kimono you can always visit Google's Crisis Response Resource and see where you can donate directly or you can Text REDCROSS to 90999 for a quick an easy $10 donation, it'll be billed in your phone statement.

Stay safe pacific and to the rest of us.
Copyrighted to Diane Quintal
Zazzle t-shirt design for relief support

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  1. She was able to gather over $500 to donate!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!